Amanda Schmidt
Welcome to E&E Dance Company!  I’m Amanda Schmidt, owner and instructor. 
My dance journey began at the young age of 3, when my mom enrolled me in my first dance class in my small hometown of Paola, Kansas.  I quickly found a love and a passion for the art of dance, and was soon involved in multiple classes and competitive teams in the Kansas City area.  As a high school student, I discovered that not only did I have a passion for dancing, but I had a passion for TEACHING!  I continued to dance and teach throughout college, and earned my degree in elementary education from the University of Kansas.  I spent the next 9 years teaching preschool in the academic setting, while continuing to teach dance.  Eventually the beach would call, and I moved to Charleston, South Carolina, where I continued to teach both academically and in the studio.
In Charleston, I met my husband and our amazing son was born.  As a Kansas native, I wanted to be a bit closer to home.  In 2013, we landed in the beautiful town of Parker, CO!  Our daughter was born soon after, and I got the itch to start a little project called E&E Dance Company.
E&E Dance Company officially started classes in July 2015, in a small rented classroom.  E&E Dance quickly grew, and we moved into our studio in spring of 2016.  People ask me all the time…where did the E&E come from?  E&E represents my own children, whose names both begin with E.  This company was opened for them.  I wanted a family-friendly, age-appropriate, inclusive studio for them to grow up in, as I had in my own childhood.
Growing up, the dance studio was my second home.  It’s where everyone knew to find me, it’s where I felt comfortable and happy and successful.  I want every dancer who walks in my studio door to feel this way.  Welcome to your dance family!