Amanda Schmidt
Welcome to E&E Dance Company!  I’m Amanda Schmidt, owner and instructor.  I began dancing at the young age of 3 in my hometown of Paola, Kansas.  I quickly found a love and passion for the art of dance, and was soon involved in multiple classes and competitive teams at my local studio.  As a high school student, I had the great opportunity to assistant teach in many preschool and elementary age classes.  I continued to dance and teach throughout college, and after earning my degree in elementary education from the University of Kansas, moved to South Carolina where I managed and taught for a wonderful studio.    
My husband and I moved to lovely Parker, CO, in 2013.  E&E Dance Company was born in July 2015, in a small rented classroom.  E&E Dance quickly grew, and we moved into our studio in spring of 2016.  People ask me all the time…where did the E&E come from?  E&E stands for my own children, whose names both begin with E.  This company was opened for them.  I wanted a family-friendly, age-appropriate, inclusive studio for them to grow up in, as I had in my own childhood.
Growing up, the dance studio was my second home.  It’s where everyone knew to find me, it’s where I felt comfortable and happy and successful.  This is the environment I want to create for my young dancers.  Dance is about being happy, challenging yourself, learning new things, mastering skills, and passing that warm-fuzzy feeling onto others.    1513749_10102458089426049_6654663974533896535_n